Sunday, 27 April 2008

Coat of arms -mould making

Sculpting is all finished now and it has been seen and approved by the customer, so the mould making is the next stage now. I have had a last glance over it to check for any details that may need tidying up.
This is very important as once the mould has been started there is no going back, all detail that is there is there for ever!

The first layer of the mould is applied very carefully to make sure every detail is captured perfectly, and subsequent layers will be built up gradually to the right thickness.

Meanwhile on the other bench.....

...this little beauty has been coming along nicely!

This pine cone is the little brother to a 3ft pine cone that I sculpted in Feb '06, it was cast in lead and shown at Chelsea flower Show. This one is also a commission from Brian who will be casting it in lead, using the lost wax method of casting.

Friday, 11 April 2008

Coat of Arms-nearly there!

Work has really progressed on the coat of arms now and I'm really pleased with how it looks.
(Click on the photo for a closer look)

All the details are on the shield and today I put in the lettering.
The lettering is a job best left 'til the end as it could easily be spoiled by dropping a tool on it, especially as it is at the base of the design, where it is also vulnerable to being leaned on accidently.

I feel that it is nearly there, just a bit more smoothing and refining to do and Ill be ready to make the mould. Its time now to get the customer over for a last look and the 'nod' to go ahead if she is happy with it.
Fingers crossed.