Sunday, 26 April 2009

Yarn bowls in the making

Well here is one from the first batch of yarn bowls. Their purpose in life is holding a ball of wool steady while a knitter knits - stops it rolling around all over the floor and teasing cats! They are currently sitting in the kiln enduring the first or bisque firing before being given a coat of glaze. I have in mind a lovely glossy bottle green glaze which I love and want to use on everthing at the moment!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Nudes drying in the sunshine

The weather was so great today it would have been a shame to have missed the opportunity to get some drying hastened in the warm breeze.

All six pieces are done and drying nicely so I should get them through the kiln by the end of the week. They can then be coloured and fired again in time for collection on the 1st of May. The exhibition is at the Haddenham Gallery near Ely, Cambs from the 9th.

While the nudes were gently drying in the balmy shade I was indoors throwing Yarn bowls.(that should please Peahen) These are cereal size bowls designed to hold onto a ball of wool as you knit and stop it jumping around and rolling off! Not really sure yet if the shape is right for the job, so have just done a few for now, will get them road tested before they are offered for sale at

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Cylindrical Nudes

This week, I have been hastily preparing slabs for a new batch of my ceramic 'nude sketches'. I love making these and nearly always find myself pushing a deadline. I feel that this helps me to achieve the look I am aiming for - bring on the stress!

The nudes are 'sketched' into stiffend clay slabs that have been formed into a half cylinder. The figure is then given shape by carving and pushing the clay from the back.

I usually use a beautiful creamy white crank for these, its a clay body designed for tiles and is produced in Cornwall.(its not unlike earthstone handbuilding clay in texture and apearance, but far cheaper)

This clay comes highly recommended by Ian Gregory for sculpting- thats good enough for me! This time though, I am mixing it with porcelain - just for the hell of it (and to give myself more work).

Below is one from a previous batch, to show how they look when they are finished, (shame I cant hold the camera straight) just in case I dont get time to take photos of these ones before they head off to the gallery!