Sunday, 26 April 2009

Yarn bowls in the making

Well here is one from the first batch of yarn bowls. Their purpose in life is holding a ball of wool steady while a knitter knits - stops it rolling around all over the floor and teasing cats! They are currently sitting in the kiln enduring the first or bisque firing before being given a coat of glaze. I have in mind a lovely glossy bottle green glaze which I love and want to use on everthing at the moment!


peahen said...

Wow - that really is special - I can't wait to see the glazed-up version. I do like how it looks now too though - classic plain simple. Nice design, nice proportions. ('teasing cats' made me laugh!)

sculptrix said...
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sculptrix said...

Yes you are right- I will try some in clear and oatmeal glazes. Perfect.