Saturday, 22 March 2008

Continued-Cast iron fireback

Its been a right couple of long john days in the workshop, but despite the cold, work has progressed on the coat of arms. I like the texture left by the fingers working the surface of the clay as you apply it. I often want to stop at that stage and preserve that quality, it seems to be a bit more lively and you have a sense of the makers involvement. Working it with tools removes all that, but on this occasion that is what is called for. Nice smooth surfaces and crisp edges are the order of the day.
You can see from the photo (click on it to see it bigger) that I have worked the surface and smoothed it off, then started to consider the positioning of detail such as the crows and stars. Nothing is 'carved in stone' at this stage and things can be changed and moved around if needs be. I have to put it away at this stage and have a break from it. Tomorrow I will look at it again with fresh eyes and reassess it.

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