Sunday, 28 February 2010

...more yarning

Back at my workshop I have been making another batch of yarn bowls for Shiela. These ones are a new style for 2010. These are simpler than the last design but I have been trying out a new decoration that I have applied to them. Also I have fell in love with a glaze, recipe courtesy of my good friend and potter 'Martin the pot'. (Check out his blog So thanks for your generosity Mart, I will use it wisely.
Anyway, this is the most gorgeous glaze I have come across in a long time (although the photo does not do it justice, even enlarged, sorry!), and feel it greatly enhances the Yarn bowls, which this time are thrown from a lovely smooth red earthenware. I have recently changed the smooth red that I stocked at the shop for a much smoother version of it. Its sooo beautifully smooth it feels like throwing molten milk chocolate!
Not sure if I like them more than last years, but they certainly are very different (would be interested to hear any comments)
Check them out at Shielas website


'martin the pot' said...

Hooray..she lives and blogs!Beautiful pots and WOW what fabulous glaze !! Oh yea it's mine.Seriously, nice pots.Stop pretending you can't throw ..mart.

peahen said...

Helly, they are beautiful and thank you. Keep 'em coming! I liked the brown one as much as these bluey ones - need more!

Christine H S said...

Hello Helen, Exciting to get a link to your blog and great to see what you are up to and it all looks goooood to me....I didn't remember that you thew as well - those bowls look lovely.

Catherine Daniel said...

Hi Helen ... I just love these pots. The contrast between the glazed and unglazed areas is really effective. Whilst I have no real use for a "yarnbowl", I may just have to get one anyway, next time I see you.