Thursday, 4 June 2009

Clay Day

We had a great time at the Spring Spectacular last month, the day was fine and the clay workshop well attended. The results are now out of the kiln and many have found their way back to the makers. These are some pictures of the work produced, we started everyone off with pinch pots...... .......and some of them turned into birds, or in one case a fish!

Due to popular demand (and having lots of fun doing the last pottery day) we are now hosting a potters wheel afternoon on a regular basis throughout the Summer months. Currently we are running it on the 21st June and then possibly every Sunday afternoon if its wanted. Wheel see how it goes (geddit?)


Mike Leary said...

Apologies, Sculptrix, for trying to contact you via blog comments. I am very interested in the clay oven build referenced on Anglia Clay Supplies' website. I am building an oven now (foundation is finished) and equivocating over pure clay vs. clay/sand mix. I would like to know anything about your build (if you did build it!) and thoughts on the composition of the building material. Clay/sand vs. pure clay vs. grogged clay vs. clay grogged with crushed clay brick, etc. I'm using earthenware 20G for the clay (not sure if that's a reference used in the UK). Any comments are welcome, as are any photos, notes, etc. from your build.

Thanks and sorry for exploiting your blog.


sculptrix said...

Hi Mike,
Sorry I have not got back to you sooner,have not blogged for a bit!
Im more than happy to have a chat about the oven and share some tips picked up from the building process. Drop me an email and we can talk oven clay and show pics!